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Research and Concept

There are some observation from history

My Neighborhood Now

My Neighborhood Now

About Technology


growth of human energy consumption

growth of human energy consumption

图片的纵轴是托卡马克等离子体的三重积,是磁约束聚变的重要参数,一般认为当这一指标达到 klzzwxh:0003 时将实现能量的收支平衡,即等离子体吸收能量等于聚变释放能量,而达到 klzzwxh:0004 后则可以实现商用发电。(image from

图片的纵轴是托卡马克等离子体的三重积,是磁约束聚变的重要参数,一般认为当这一指标达到 10^{22} 时将实现能量的收支平衡,即等离子体吸收能量等于聚变释放能量,而达到 10^{23} 后则可以实现商用发电。(image from

From this source we know that natural gas and crude oil will be depleted in 79 and 106 years. It is also unlikely wind, ocean, river, solar power will sustain human species (considering growth of human energy consumption). Therefore, it is very likely to have nucleus fusion as main energy source after 100 years.


It is likely quantum computing can be put on some specific usage in scientific research. But will unlikely to be used by mass population.

Quantum computing may solve some specific NP problem in polynomial time (e.g. prime factorization), but not NP-complete problems.

Therefore, general AI can't be achieved. And in fact, the problem isn't well defined.

About Political Change

For simplicity, we only consider two major country: U.S. and China

City Design

Evolution of City Design


First Try

I will make a rendered image using Blender that mix ideas from above research with the following elements

  1. ruins: left-overs from de-urbanization
  2. wage gap: mixing both luxurious buildings and wastes
  3. Godly technology: drones
  4. Growing sensorship with AI: CCTV cameras everywhere



Second Try

After got feedback about the original proposal, it is clear although the idea is, to me, the most plausible of the future in 100 years, the image lacks innovation and creativity. Therefore, I decided to exaggerate the presentation of the idea and limit the elements to the most important parts of my idea.

After more research, I found an astonishing fact that I ignored in my previous imaginations: the global warming and the rise of the sea level. In 100 years, it is predicted many cities will be submerged into the ocean since most big cities were built ashore. There are many proposals to resolve this issue with building a giant wall to prevent water from coming into the city. There are many ideas on the wall design. In fact, many countries would mimic Netherland's flood control systems. However, the issue of all proposals involving wall building simply ignores the fact that precipitation cannot flow out of the city below sea level. A city with no vegetation covers will sink into the ocean even if there is a wall. In addition, human failure and ignorance towards the nature would cause catastrophic disasters because walls resembles single point of failure very well: when walls are targeted by terrorist organization, destroying the entire city becomes a piece of cake.

I will design an image that contains a story: In the mid 21 centries, countries realized the effect of global warming as the frequency of floods increase over time. Many walls were built in major economic centers that were close to the sea. At the same time, AI technologies were put into active use in policing, national defense, and censorship. In 2098, the global anti-technology censorship organization blew up the walls of 6 cities. Many people lost their lives. People who lived retracted to the high areas above sea level and built walls there to prevent future floods. Cities outside the new wall submerged into the sea forever.

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