Proposal 002

Proposal: Concept Idea

stewart concepts of change layer fashion government nature

stewart concepts of change layer fashion government nature

The above image explains the development speed of different layers of the infrastructure of human society. While fashion changes rapidly back and forth, essential layers such as government typically don't change as quickly but have the power to control fashion. Here, I developed further with the concept inspired by our class discussion about how to maintain an artwork on a large time scale.

Notice the above image can be added with one (potentially) stable layer: the law of physics. The law of physics is though typically as stable across four dimensions \text{Space}^3 \times \text{Time}^1. Can we use this property to store objects? Turns out we can! We throw things into the black hole and as the object approach the event horizon, the time the object experience appears frozen from outside observers. We can use this property of nature to preserve paintings in the time scale of the lifetime of the black hole.

What if things we preserve is not an object, but living organism? Or perhaps the entire alien society. (Well, that requires the black hole mass to be very big to not destroy them along the way). By Physical Church Turing Thesis: "All physically computable functions are Turing-computable," it is possible we are the society (a Universe) being thrown near a black hole of an outer Universe.


Proposal Timeline

Proposal Timeline

The above image is a timeline for the video.

In the first 10 seconds, we show an object and a Universe of alien society near a black hole controlled in a container and displayed in a museum owned by human society on a spaceship. Along the 10 seconds, you will hear descriptions of the museum by a robotic voice.

As the field of vision zooms out, the viewer will see the museum from 10~20 seconds accompanied by human voices (Q&A from museum workers and visitors) so that I can explain my concepts in an indirect way.

For the final 10 seconds, we zoom out from the museum and reveal the human universe in a container (of an alien museum). The white noise will be accompanied for the last 10 seconds to give the audience time to reflect.

Execution Timeline

I don't have a good sense of the project time. But as the scenes are split into 3 parts, I can re-use some of the models and scenes I have created. The cities will be generated by a different.

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