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Modules: 4 Modules (+ Future Journal) each contains readings, viewings, workshops and projects.


Participation Grade:


10% Journal 10% Module 1 - Neighborhood 20% Module 2 - Stories from the Future 5% World Building Activity - Cards 20% Module 3 - Message in a Bottle 20% Module 4 - Object from the Future 5% World Building Activity - Microscope Game 10% Class Participation

A – Overall excellent performance. Work demonstrates extraordinary dedication, innovation & execution. Evidences a commitment to learning and art making beyond course requirements. B – Very good work and execution, but may need some improvement. Presents timely completion of assignments and projects. Work at above average expectations for course requirements. C – Generally meets course requirements. Completes assignments with reasonable execution. Acceptable work, but doesn’t evidence inquiry beyond conventional boundaries. D – Unacceptable work and overall poor class performance. Improvement required at all levels. F – Failure

Proposal Imaginative interpretation of the project prompt, plus clarity and feasibility of your idea. 10%
Research and Concept Development Rigorous amount of research and in-depth analysis of every component of the project. Discerning presentation of responses to required readings. 20%
Invention and Experiment Showing ingenuity while critically engaging with the specificity of the project prompt. Demonstrating ambition, risk-taking, experimentation and expansion of artistic limits 20%
Integration of content and form Choice of appropriate media and methodology with which to convey ideas, and skill of technical execution. 20%
Documentation Visual documentation of your project is professionally shot and presented. Descriptive text is helpfully informative.. Documentation clearly represents the intention and concept of the work. 10%
Participation Clarity in presentation of your work in class. Active overall engagement in class discussions and critiques. Generously receiving and offering thoughts and criticisms. 10%
Reflection Following each class critique, a written reflection of around 150 words, evaluating the level of success of your project in relation to the feedback from the critique. 10%
Preferred/First Name Last Name FUTURE DATES
Catherine Ma 2025
Ines Rodriguez Hsu 2035
Ella Keegan 2050
Soomin Kong 2112
Heejin (heejin) Son 2622
Jean Cho 3122
Hanke Chen 5000
Sion Park 9211
Helen Yang 12122
Anabelle Kang 102122
Leah Minsky 1002122
Evan Tipping 2122000
Andy Kim 10002122
Emily Krueger 100002122
Shelly Zhang 1000002122

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