Documentation 002

In the year 5000, Jupiter Museum is displaying Civilization #192 that is recently captured near a black hole. The civilization is then sent to the event horizon in order to make it a permanent collection of the Jupiter Museum.

During the critique, the special effect of gravitational lensing was acknowledged and a student was curious about the process of making it. It was made using a reflective shader. Although the voice-over conveys the main idea, there were no comments about the voice in the critique. The visual ends abruptly because the final frames were not rendered properly due to the lack of computational power. The re-rendered version, with higher FPS, fixed the issue. The overall quality of the project isn't to my personal standard as there exist many ways to improve. It nonetheless survive as an experimental project that prompted me to self-study the animation pipeline. I resolved challenges of extreme clipping (rendering objects from very close to very far), optimizing render time, and special effects related to the black hole.

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