After attendance is taken, the first 5 minutes of class will be dedicated to free-writing in a journal dated a half century in the future. Date entry the same day you are writing, but add 50 years to it. You are the same age you are now. You are still in art school, in Pittsburgh, but the year is 2072. Don’t plan a story, just start writing. Let it evolve over time. (You may choose paper or digital, just so long as you are consistent over the semester)

What do you believe in? How do you know what you know? Why do you like what you like? Are you a consumer? A product? Both? Are you able to think critically and creatively about what you are influenced by? Connect to various thrulines (see above) and/or current events.


January 25, 2072, I am an art student in Carnegie Mellon majoring BCSA. I am now locked in the U.S. since China strengthens their sensorship into a fully-AI governed society. Obviously the rest of the world resists and therefore the world split into the two sections with both super-powers. On InstaDAO, self organized societies developed several anynomouse criminal organizations launching attacks all over the world. They are very organized and almost have their members in every place in the world. They believe in specific cult or philosophy: such as Neo-Luddism and ... timeout


Feb.03, 2072. Rainy.

It is funny that we are still having TRS Future just like 50 years before. The education system hasn't changed drastically. With the abundance of online resources, and Carnegie Mellon being one of the greatest tech-school, we still required to attend class in person with professor-student structure. Kinda disappointing that the education system is not opened to everybody. You know, you still have to pay giant amount of money to go to a prestige school. I guess for now the point of having school is not to learn stuff, but make friends. Tuition is a way to separate classes in the society. Schools are more like a social club than a knowledge base.

Art should not be taught, yet they teach you anyway.


Feb.08, 2072. Sunny.

I am swallowed by my homework, didn't have time to get my lunch before classes. It is 2072 now the professors still make us suffer. I wish we can have some sort of knowledge machine so that we can learn passively just by connecting my brian to a machine. If such machine exists, or we can somehow genetically modify people into love to learn school stuff, the hierarchy of learning will change. Online learnings are great, but we are still forced to attend in person lectures.


Feb.22, 2072. Rainy.

I did not get to sleep well recently since I had 3 more project: 1 Game Creation Society, 1 Dark Forest Plugin Development, 1 Vocab App Development. Coding made me sleepless although I do not have a single "coding class" this semester. I am constantly falling behind. Pittsburg is a fine city. I do love what I am doing though, but I just don't have the time.

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