Lecture 009

Judith Butler's Gender Theory

Butler: 1990 - Gender Trouble

critical race theory: method thinking about foundational idea of culture

Performative Art and Gender

John Searl's speech acts: speaking relationship, moral bond between speakers

instituted gender: ...

Feminist view: distinguish sex and gender by "duty"

Proof: because one cannot generate reinforced act witout society's enforcement, gender performance is reinforced (p6)

My own thought: if freedom shall be forced, is it really freedom?

Heterosexual: reinforced (not necessary "natural")

People don't realize it is a performance

False ontology: category as women

Ana Mendieta: Pain of Cuba, Body I Am

"Tropic Ana"

"Rape Murder"

"Sweating Blood"

"Blood Writing"

"Body Tracks"

Cuban ritual:

"Bird Transformation"

Silueta Series: search for latino root

Rupestrian Sculpture Series:

Essentialist Feminism: female essence in body of women, female awakening. (mistaken for having patriarchal)

Opinion on feminist: "American feminism as it stands is basically a white middle class movement"

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