Lecture 008

Interstitial Subjects

Segregation of Asian Americans before 1960

daguerreotype: Mercury vapor to image John Chinaman: generic Chinese Ka Chau: a random daguerreotypist Lai Yung: Mongolian Artist

Asian American's work were included in museums

Oriental art: Eastern or Asian art and it refers to the historic and contemporary art originating from various Asian cultures

Ideaology: asian good at ancient art (like african american good at music cultrue)

Yun Gee: Chinese Revolutionary Artist's Club

Dong Kingman: founder Asilomar Watercolor Workshop (with Chee Chin S, Cheung Lee)

Yuzuru Henry Sugimoto: wood block prints, some ukiyo-e heritage.

Chiura Obata: art education in camp, Topaz Art School

Artist's Job: gardeners, clerk, sign painter, fabric designer, Hollywood art factories

West Coast: abstract expressionist, impressionist

Victor Duena, Roberto Vallangca: painted frescoes

Isamu Noguchi: produce abstract, realist sculptures, monuments, landscape projects, playgrounds, stone sculpture gardens, fountains, furniture, ceramics...

Maya Ying Lin: Vietnam War Memorial

Fluxus: Yoko Ono, Shigeko Kubota, Nam June Paik

The Basement Workship: asian american art and literature, multidisciplinary origination

1992 Los Angeles riots (Sa-i-gu): interracial protest

Claim: Assemblage and Self-Possession

assemblage: use a bunch of small 3D objects to create a big 3D object


Bataille: dust begin gain upper hand over the servants??

Jewels: Watts and Noah Purifoy

Noah S. Purifoy: Alabama, dead in serving WWII 66 Signs of Neon: recycled material "interpret the August event." Watts Towers Art Center: bring art into prison system // TODO

John Outterbridge: Home ground

recycled material explore personal identity


Betye Saar's:

Santeria, Candomble, Hoodoo - African Religion

Mary Schmidt Campbell

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Conversations with Cornell

with modernism // TODO: start from 132

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