Lecture 007

Conceptual Art

Conceptual: ideas over visual appearance Conceptual Art: movement Conceptualism: broader style (way of make war) Development: identity politics turn movement into style

- gay liberation

Identity as Model

Protest: institutional framework

Black Panther's identity-based revolution forms subground about "communisim", "gay identity"... other minority group

This becomes a mode of protest to be formalized...

Newton: alliance-based resistance "revolutionary inter-communalism"

Conceptual Art: from analytic to synthetic

In philosophy:

In cubism:

// COMMENT: I think I can define this notion better?

Artwork: First Investigations (subtitled Art as Idea as Idea)

First Wave (1960s): protest many aspect


Second Wave (late 1960s): transition from "analytic proposition" (abstract, universal, "// WARNING self-reflexive, mirroring of idea in several iteration //" // WARNING cognitive //, better in Joseph Kosuth's opinion) to "synthetic proposition" (pop, relies on experience of the world that is outside of the realm of art, require prior knowledge, // WARNING: identity, relational(relationship to other group) )

// WARNING: index -> analytic

// WARNING: last two slide for systhetic exampel

Rights Movements: identity politics

Identity politics: equal access to resource, law, citizenship

Legacies of the 1960s: whose "60s"

Fabulous Debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVMYfuzhbxk&ab_channel=IntelligenceSquared

// TODO: class discussion on some artwork

Index: + and - symbols from (analytic), indexes collective discoursE??? // QUESTION: ??

Hammons: Boy with Flag (1968)

Information Art: MoMA's definition, idea-based art for political

Conclusion: definition of identity, politics

Identity: a framing cannot escape

Paragraphs on Conceptual Art

Conceptual(not perceptual) Art: mentally interesting

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