Lecture 010


Alondra Nelson

Digital divide: between black and white. Blackness is anti-avatar of digital life. Neocritics: future of body will not mater Futurism(Radical Humanism): we don't want the past, we embrace the future (it will be all good in the future) - social science fiction

Fragmented self: under institution (heighten by computer communication) decentralized self: not under institution

Age, gender, racial ideology on Internet advertising

Mombo Jumbo by Reece

Mombo Jumbo (by Reece): African methology Afrofuturism: create discussion among African community (that is not about digital divide)

"Jes Grew": threatening west knowledge monopoly

Nerd vs. Primitive is two polar position

Tana Hargest's Bitter Nigger Inc (BNI)

Tuggle: blend culture and African methology

Black to the Future

"who controls the present controls the past" - George Orwell

Terrance James

Photography, installation, sculpture, IceBox project Pace Gallery in NY, China, Brokelin, Miami...

From south, NJ. Grandfather Louisana poor. concentrated in photography portraits, neon lighting, black light


  1. portrait or installation

  2. Some of your work looks more like installation than portait

  3. when I think about portait, I think about more natural, un-manipulated that emphasis on human

  4. but in your work, the face is often gone, and sometimes covered with metals (in that case, body is no longer necessary)

  5. why do you to choose show us in photography than installation

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