Lecture 007

title: Oliver Sacks and The Critical Art Ensemble

Oliver Sacks:

Mickalene Thomas:

Yasumasa Morimura

Cindy Sherman

Impersonating Other People

so... as you read, if it would be real, you can't understand the point, if it would be fake, the message got lost...

so... I uses comments...

What do you most wish to communicate with your project:

What research did you do to necessary create the piece

Found Out:

What is something in or about the work you proud official


Serena - Mona Lisa

Peiran Ge - Gaming


Leah - Letter to Mom

Nicholas - Letter to Single Child

Helen - Letter in fiction

Lorance - Poem about accepting love

Ashley - an image of water swimming (Gatsby)

Sion - Shoes from Famous Korean Star

Jean Cho - Intergalactic Council of Life

Minijin - 18-year-old to 16-year-old

Nandini - Grammar Editing

Mila - Nude picture of herself be tortured

Grayson - Letter to Assassin

Jaz - Famous after responding through the Korean message app

Ryan - compare expense/cheap video

I am in group 3 & 4: reading Yuriko Salto Kintsugi: Japanese Wabi-Sabi

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