Lecture 006

Why is this project important to you?

What are you trying to say?

Is your message understood?

How much of yourself did you put into this project (not just labor)?

What can make this more about your central interests as an artist?

ZiXin Yang

To: Mr.Gru Purpose: Iracebeth the Red Queen - only family alive, an enemy. Turning head to normal.

Sion Park

To: influence in Korea (K-pop) Purpose: for singers to join group. love yourself project, speech in UN

Serena Zhang

To: Mona Lisa Purpose: know why this painting is popular. Dead prey in museum, whether its right to place artwork there.

Ryan Lee

To: Mr.Hans Vestberg CEO of Verizon Purpose: public install antennas demand by West Virginia

Peiran Ge

To: Lex Purpose: see how he (who lack of talent) react to uncommon artwork

Nicholas Beak

Jean Cho

To: Kim Kardashian Purpose:

Mila Fejzo

To: Purpose:


To: Jesus (teacher) Purpose: personal and compassionate letter. Reflection of her own faith.

Leah Minsky

The letter is not meant to be sent

Jaz Chung

This work inspired me in a way maybe it is not intended. If you look at ceremonies with the dead, in U.S. and many European countries, they have Halloween, which is meant to be spooky and fun. In Ghana, death is meant to be celebrated. In China, death, culturally is sad to the point of fasting and suffer together. In Korea, it looks to me ancestor can give blessing.


The language itself weights more than the idea. From a writer's perspective, the use of imagery, transition, etc... successfully transfers the idea

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