Lecture 001


James Gerde

AI freelance filmmaker with 800K+ Instagram Followers | Film & Photography Specialist (Seattle)

Website: Here



Looks like controlnet and video diffusion. The image looks very sharp compared to other generations. Many of Gerde' work seem to be conditioned by video.

He mostly provide Youtube shorts (tiktok style) and median view on Youtube is 300 but good ones can be as high as 27k. 2k followers on tiktok, 1k on Youtube. Around the same number of views on tiktok.

He didn't write anything about Gerde's education and such. He registered Instagram around 2019 as a photographer for signers and begin generative AI journey around December 2022 with deforum. Most of Gerde's work are after April 2023.

800k followers on Instagram but only 900 on Twitter, must be promoted by some strange algorithm.

Might be because of Gerde's marble series made Gerde popular on Instagram.

Presentation: Here

Law Stuff

Article Title: "Judge pares down artists' AI copyright lawsuit against Midjourney, Stability AI"

Author: Blake Brittain

Date: October 30, 2023

Key Points:

Article Title: "Artists take new shot at Stability, Midjourney in updated copyright lawsuit"

Author: Blake Brittain

Date: November 30, 2023

Key Points:

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