Instructor: Scott Andrew, [email protected] Time: Monday + Wednesday 7:00PM - 9:50PM Location: CFA 317

Syllabus: Here

Class Overview This studio course offers an introduction to many AI tools for creatively generating animation projects. The class will work exclusively with AI tools such as Runway, Deforum Stable Diffusion, Chat GPT, ElevenLabs, MidJourney, Dall-e, and more, with the expectation of final post production through Adobe Creative Cloud applications. The class will offer an overview of the history and current artistic practices both independently and professionally utilizing AI, and will be visited by lawyers, artists, and historians working in this realm to offer a grounding in the ever-changing landscape, ethics, aesthetics and potential applications of AI tools. Students will use the tools covered in this course to generate storyboards, scripts, animated sequences, synthesized voice narration and voice acting, and sound designs, resulting in both narrative and experimental works of animation.

Equipment Rental:

Attendance: 2 absence for excuse, notify 24 hours in advance. More absence up to discussion. Six or more unexcused absences results in a failing grade.

The class is used as an experiment by Eberly Center

Assignment: 4 projects, some collaborated

// QUESTION: what are those? // QUESTION: portion of controlnet, webui, confyui, animediff? // QUESTION: might be away, is it fine?


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