Instructor: Prof. N. Bonnie Nozari (OH by appointment) [email protected] for class, [email protected] for private chat Senior TA: Dr. Shipra Kanjlia [email protected] (OH: Thursday 12PM-1PM or by appointment at Baker Hall 327A) TA:

Zoom: Here (Meeting ID: 974 7565 0131 Passcode: 020931) Location: DH 2315 (Doherty Hall) Canvas: Here Piazza: Here Weekly Q&A sessions: TBD Syllabus & Reading List & Calendar: Here Homework: Here Homework Submission & Solution: Here Research Labs: Here

Reading: average ~6 pages, read before class

Homework: See syllabus, submit on Canvas. Question about articles, complete before class (can use online resources), all of them are already published

Personal Assignment: open-ended 1 page reflection.

Class Attendance: no attendance, but watch out for popup quiz

Class Discussion:

Popup Quiz: test deeper understanding of the concepts

Exam: cumulative

Regrade: contact graduate TA

Academic Integrity

Your grade is calculated based on 1500 points. The table below shows the distribution of points. Points are converted to A, B, C, etc. according to the scheme below: no rounding A: 90% range (1350 and above) B: 80% range (1200 - < 1350) C: 70% range (1050 - < 1200) D: 60% range (900 - <1050)

Participation in Research: you need 3 participate to pass this class. If you have any questions, you can direct them to Erin Donahoe ([email protected])

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