Lecture 011


Determent Timeline of Art History

Comparison between Artwork

David Hammons: John Henry, 1990, black talking about Asia as a non-recognized topic

Visual Depiction: "The Racial Depiction of Asia People"

"Revolutionary Friendship is as Deep as the Ocean" 1975 China's propaganda establish presence in Africa

Peter Engstrom, from the "Zulu Sushi" series: speculative photography of Japanese + Zulu soldier

"White People" do not represent "The West", there are BIPOC, woman, queer, immigrants, ...

Asia != BIPOC = White-

Cultural appropriation vs. Orientalism


Alan ...burge: black matter painting only show when viewed at angle (a refusal) bblin bilin 2001

David Hammons: japan korean, hotgog sushi hollywood: future is all white people david hufferman: black people in future out space (dark matter 90% spave, can invisible black power be like this?) while black people admire and embrace martial art peggy chen: should correct image, bruce lee sound uncivilized

comparison to stereotypical asian picture (bruce lee) can disrupt assimilation


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