Lecture 010

Epigenome: a "sudo" gene to reset gene when baby born, trumma cause change

Jackson: post-structuralist, ratial logic, Afro-pesimistic "imagine womanhood affect us understand blackness"

  1. racial bias affect we think womanhood
  2. black woman is another gender
  3. semiotics

Ernst Haeckel: use Darwin's into social

Breast Cancer: difference is socially generated


hushpuppy: slave used to


Wangechi Mutu

partus sequitur ventrem: delivery follows the womb

"biological sex is modulated by culture":

Genetic Determinism: genes determines all


Problem: The controversy surrounding the "reality" of genetic race has forestalled a fuller recognition of the biopsychological consequences and somatic materialities of antiblack racism. (p161)

wynter sociogenic principle: a collectively held sense of self that shapes each organism's development.

We are unconsciously having reward for chasing socially constructed power (p162)

Wynter: culture is a technology to reprogram human's internal reward system, mimics instinct (p163)

sociogenic: socially constructed

Semiotics: study of sign

agency: use art to do thing. so the artwork can be viewed as an agency who do things for the artist. However, not all artwork has agency: objects can have its own purpose diverge from the intension of the artist.

Mutu: disease inequity

Angre L

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