Lecture 024


identifying value judgments

agent-critical value judgments

inquirer-critical value judgments

community-critical value judgments



  1. Do we use agent-critical value in our daily life? Yes. Agent-critical value judgments is the value that an inquire ascribe to the agent. Correctly guessing others' motivation creates value for the inquirer. Take chess, for example, knowing how your opponent plan to play would greatly increase the chance of wining for you. Therefore, naturally, under limited information, we would guess other's motivation in order to choose whether to cooperate. Such guess uses agent-critical value judgments because the result of guessing solely depend on the inquirer.

  2. inquirer-critical value judgments

  3. there are reasons why identifying value judgments are good

  4. actively search for value allows diverse values

  5. stuck into a single value might restrict the exploration of alternative

  6. community-critical

  7. identify community-critical is essential to science

  8. e.g. large scientific breakthroughs -> Galileo

  9. however, one might argue that it is no compelling because community-critical values are constitutive value

  10. but I still believe that constitutive value, as a philosophical / methodological value can be challenged


identify: The anthropologist draws on concepts that are part of her own social context to identify and classify the behavior. agent critical: draw own social concepts and value system to examine the function that the behavior have in its social context. Value about result/effect of events.

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