Lecture 010

Page split idea (one single central idea) panel create rhythm right down corner: bigger split (end of every page) emphasis on final panel

Belonging (1~83)

Type: Non-fiction, graphic memoir

Author: Nora Krug

Location: Town of Karlsruhe

Visual element: collage



Things German

Hamsaplast: safest thing in the world, it won't come off until wound has fully healed. (hearts to tear it off to look at your scar)

Heimat: landscape with sense of familiarity, imported through generations, born into, shape identity


derWald: forest feel protected

Chapter 1 - childhood

New to New York: everything possible (p12) The survivor: a female guard rescued her from gas chamber 16 time, and exhibit "merciless violence toward everyone else"

Chapter: 1~4 (p18-19)

Konzentrationslager: concentration camp Jews:




Jude star:

Analyze Hitler's speech (p32)


Gaps in education:

Chapter 2 - shame

Schubert's Winterreise: a song for resist Klemens Wenzel von Metternich's regime

German on TV:

Author's husband's mother: assimilated German Jews

"Its about the time that German feel confident about their country again" (p49)

"Her German pride makes me uncomfortable, but it also makes me envious" (p51)

A mail: for PBS to broadcast unknown German suffer (p52)

World Cup 2014

Chapter 3 - German soldier

(p61) bright color (p64) drawing book of uncle, Hitler's solider

Belonging (83~135)

Things German

Leitz binder: German consulate's binder of choice

Chapter 4 - Willi

Mother: discovered her father (grandfather Willi) may be Nazi Anna: grandmother, died of heart attack


Edwin: willi's brother

Chapter 5 - Family Structure

History of Külsheim (a town): history of treating Jews (p99)

Alois: father side's grandfather


Chapter 6 - More about Grandfathers

Author try to search history given photos, comments from web:

Grandfather of father side - from image


- injury -> unfit for war -> driver (p114)

Flea market find: much like museums (p116)

Chapter 7 - Visit hometown

Annemarie: father's previous relationship


Chapter 8 - Edwin's death

Very hand-written words, with correction marks (p129) A series of letter and Edwin Rock's death (p131)

COGNITIVE DISSONANCE https://zh.wikipedia.org/zh/%E8%AA%8D%E7%9F%A5%E5%A4%B1%E8%AA%BF

Belonging (135~300)

Chapter 9 - Letters and a son's death

November 11, 1918, WWI ends January 30, 1933. Hitler Appointed German Leader September 1, 1939, War begin

arrive at Kulsheim's neighboring village Document: questionnaire about how Jewish encounter during and after war. Document: 1939 accusing great-grandfather Heinrich of having charged 25 Pfg. per beer, instead of 20. Document: US military questionnaire belonging to Nazi (answer: no one) Document: request at 1941 all boy from 1924 - 1929 to join Hitler Youth

Document: "fallen soldiers" uncle die in Russia (error) Document: 1961, government want training land for soldier, but aunt want more compensation Document: Franz-Karl Krug's death in Italy

Chapter 10 - Burning Church

Photography: soldiers at play

Willi (mother's father) and Karin fear about war and love peace. "police is a nasty job"

Looking for grandfather's file:

"People back then weren't very political"

Why people fight for Nazi?

Synagogue and firefighters: "A day later, order was given to set the synagogue on fire a second time. But we are firemen, not arsonists, so the synagogue didn't burn again" (page 161)

Jewish citizens are listed in a separate category in phone book

arrests of Jews were hardly noticed by the general public on 1940 (page 169) JUDENFREI: Jew-free (Jewish citizens section disappear from phone book)

Maybe since there is no internet, people are a lot more influenced by propaganda and government issue than actual every day people.

Chapter 11 - Meeting historians

Meet with Egon (online people)

Rose: great-grandfather's restaurant

Interview in the 1980s

1945 after surrounding

[You mean Alois wasn't my grandfather?]

Chapter 12 - Willi's post-war documentation

15% of all Germans joined the Nazi Party, and my grandfather was among them

Question: why did Willi join Nazi only months after voting for Social Democrats

Join Nazi to buy a driving school (page 202)

Post War Germany

22000 tons of demolition bombs, stores looted by German and the French, women raped and aborted. Nazi into denazification camp, Karlsruhe ruled by Americans.

Evidence that Willi does not practice Nazi

Evidence that Willi is practicing Nazi


(but the letter is convincing page 216)

Another Charge as OFFENDER

He was also a member of the National Socialist People's Welfare organization. But finally classified as FOLLOWER

"I don't blame her. Everyone has just one father" (page 223)

Chapter 13 - Visit Relatives

Uncle: Willi's child, who wrote about the poisonous mushroom, died in war.

Chapter 14 - Calling Who Wrote the Letter

mother: "felt unburdened by it in a way" (after seeing Jewish women's letter) (page 240)

Albert W.: who wrote the letter for Willi

Looking for children:

Walter: the girl who wrote the letter

"My sense is that people who left Germany early on ended up resenting it more than those who stayed longer and saw that the Germans suffered, too. Germany paid a lot of reparations" (p 254)


Chapter 15 - Ending

Go to Annemarie's house in Kulsheim (daughter of Willi) Maria: grandmother

Many letters and photography about died uncle Franz-Karl

Who would we be as a family if the war had never happened (page 277)

"HEIMAT can only be found again in memory, that it is something that only begins to exist once you have lost it"

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