Lecture 013

Laurence Gao: Jacolby Satterwhite

Satterwhite: Afrofuturism


Matriarch's Rapsody: objects has drawn for him

Country Ball: self healing identity, media treatment + dancing + party

Forest Nymph: 3 TV video

Model It, Room for Doubt

Birds in Paradise:

Reifying Desire 2:

Black Luncheon, Flying in Paradise, All Above the Business


Classical Medium

"I will never go back"

"Otherness", "Fantasy", "Afrofuturism": related to fantasy, we have fiction about good future, I wonder we can find a language to polemize this sense.

Justin: Art that heals Communities

"Salvation by yourself or salvation together with others"

Charles "Teenie" Harris

Charles Teenie Harris: photograph ordinary people

Njamie Njie

Multi-media: archival research, film-making, photography

"Homecoming": public art installation

"Making a World": interviewed artists in Pittsburg

Minjin: Taien Ng-Chan

Ng-Chan: sound art, futuristic imagining

"Radical De-centering": how they notice BIPOC artists and education system and institution, in lens of de-centering and de-colonization


  1. exploration can help understand American culture
  2. de-colonization pose complication
  3. there is rick, there should be change



"Stratigraphic City": get to know the city through 3D printed replica and video projection



  1. BIPOC Artists and Educator, their
  2. Role of art in child dev
  3. Colonization in art history, personal opinion

Radical Decentering:

dismantling a master using master's tool create the same problem

Jamie: The body as site

Virtual Reality Artwork: experienced visually in a simulated environment.

Social and activist art use virtual reality to transmit feelings?

VR Artist: cathrine baga - we can be re-timed, VR create new time period within physical environment, go beyond time, active senses in a non-physical way

Early VR Artwork: technology create interactive environment

Modern VR: Jordan Wolfson's Real Violence: one man beat another to death

Jakob Kudsk Steensen's Terratic Animism

Nico Casavecchia's BattleScar:

Seyoung: Adrian Piper

Performance art: Ideology, Confrontalism, and Political Self-Awareness

Thesis: Change ideology about racial or gender group with performance art needs confrontation (create conflicts)


Mythic Being: challenge historical and conventional views on gender What is's, What it is: confronting the viewer on racial stereotypes

Similar theme:

Feedback: There exists confrontation in Adrian Piper's artwork.

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