Item Number: SCP-CMU-919 Object Class: Euclid/Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CMU-919 was contained in a large concrete room filled with pure Tritium. It was also sealed underneath 10 meters of concrete under 300 meters below sea level to prevent any transmission of alpha or beta particles. However, SCP-CMU-919-a, SCP-CMU-919-b, and SCP-CMU-919-c are lost during SCP-CMU-919-010 in the SCP site. The location of SCP-CMU-919 is unknown as of Nov.15, 2020.

Description: SCP-CMU-919-a is a silver beta-particle container made of an alloy from aluminum, tin, and iron. The silicon layer on top of SCP-CMU-919-a is completely black. It is 4.81cm wide, 10.52cm high, and 0.20cm thick. The word "PISEN" is written on the alloy case. The experimenters highly suspect these characters relate to the institution that used to manufacture this model of the beta-particle container. SCP-CMU-919-b is a white electron-to-photon converter linked by SCP-CMU-919-c, a red electron-transmitter. SCP-CMU-919-b has "Panasonic" written on its white plastic case. The experimenters could not decode the meanings behind these symbols as this sequence of characters does not appear in any of the modern dictionaries. When SCP-CMU-919-a is connected to SCP-CMU-919-b using SCP-CMU-919-c, SCP-CMU-919-c sometimes emits photons with a certain frequency both from the top of SCP-CMU-919-c and from the bottom where the mastery symbols are written.

Containment Process: SCP-CMU-919 was discovered in a dark room inside an ordinary residential building. To prevent further potential particle emissions from SCP-CMU-919, SCP Foundation applied level A memory deletion to relevant personnel.


Experiment Number:SCP-CMU-919-001 Experimenter: Undocumented Experiment Time:20-02-14 15:20 Experiment Process: An volunteer walked by and touched SCP-CMU-919-a, SCP-CMU-919-b, and SCP-CMU-919-c, one by one. SCP-CMU-919 seemed to have no effect on Homo sapiens.

Experiment Number:SCP-CMU-919-002 Experimenter: Undocumented Experiment Time:20-02-14 16:43 Experiment Process: The experimenters tried to test for thermal electromagnetic radiation on SCP-CMU-919-a, but discovered that SCP-CMU-919-a did not reflect or emit any photon back to the receptor. The experimenters concluded that the surface temperature of SCP-CMU-919-a is absolute zero.

Experiment Number:SCP-CMU-919-003 Experimenter: Undocumented Experiment Time:20-02-15 10:18 Experiment Process: Experimenters tried to connect SCP-CMU-919-a, SCP-CMU-919-b, and SCP-CMU-919-c. After a while, electricity can be generated from a port of SCP-CMU-919-a but the temperature of SCP-CMU-919-a does not change.

Unknown Experimenter: This experiment proves what we hope to see! It actually generates infinite power! I can't believe it worked!

Other Experiments are missing due to SCP-CMU-919-010.

Incident Record

Incident Number:SCP-CMU-919-010 Incident Time:20-06-15 00:23 Reporter: Experimenter #38649 Incident Report: Around midnight that day, I was cleaning my table in the office and tried to print out some material for tomorrow's meeting. There was a small earthquake. Normally earthquakes at this level can't harm the SCP site, but soon there was a white light followed by an explosion. Luckily, no experimenters were harmed during the incident, but SCP-CMU-919-a, SCP-CMU-919-b, and SCP-CMU-919-c have been missing since then.

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