Lecture 017

Left Brain & Right Brian

Right Brain

Ashley Kim: write a review by not hearing a movie.

Minjin: can't ride a bike

Left Brain

Zixin Helen Yang: draw two line with one stroke.

Serena Zhang: let the paint make a painting

DIY(physically impossible): physical and virtual documentation. Found Object(dumb, silly), and purposely misleading tutorial video(confusing->cuz it seems successful). Conveys funny idea how making a perpetual machine seems accessible to everybody


Need (persistence)

Laurence Gao: cannabolism Peiran: ink splash, ink fade, overtime finished a bottle of ink?? finish ink in short time. Couldn't reach biking speed. Nicholas: holding breath in many ways. Smoking prevention video Nandini: write with left hand (indian) Sion: draw entire city -> impression of street

Human Experience

struggle desire birth rebellious faith Jean: recursion Grayson: microwaving a hamster Mila: child brith Ryan: long title Leah:

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