Lecture 002

Instructor: Andrew Johnson (Andrew)

What we did on Monday:

Numjun Bike: he use distortion TV, old TV stacked up

_: good sculptor Jean Cho: Michigan, cat, painting drawing BCSA, coffee dependencies Irene Yang: second year of college, too used to drawing Sion Park: sculpture stuff, 20 years old Ashley Kim: 3 pets, Nicholas Baek: CFA drawing and painting department, suspension in high school, like no participation Syrina(Tianan): scared of drawing, scared of imperfection. the worst earring. Laurence Gao: :warning: he/him Mass, drawing, digital art, painting, textile, makeups, shy person, Ryan Lee: Korean, born in US, Canada, digital media, low poly art, anime, Blue Berry Pizza. Minjin Batzorig: Virginia, subconsciously hid everything from you guys. Peiran Ge: put too much in details Leah Minsky: from Chicago, not in Pitts, oil painting, love texture (painting texture), love grouse texture Nandini: PA, in Singapore, color pencil, watercolor, digital Jaz Chung: Korea, sophomore, BHA, not confident in speaking English ZiXing(Helen) Yang: Shanghai China, BSA, handicraft, like to collect glass bottles,


Craftsman by Richard Sennett Here

Making It by Lewis Hyde Here

Memory and Imagination by Paul Ricoeur Here

Gift Project

Ryan Lee

Phillip Colbert: different art styles

Nandini Kuppa-Apte (for Ryan)

Maurizio Cattelan, controversial artwork

Peiran(Kait) Ge ()

contrasting hard and soft

Sion Park

Zeng Fanzhi: expressionist, mask series, lived in China, born in MD.

Grayson Ticer

Woman as an object when people can use the objects on the table to do anything to her without her moving

Ashley Kim

Digital contemporary artist (tree13 or narnu13)

Laurence (for Gracen)

Flavie Audi: glass artist that have scientific significance

Jean Cho (for Tian)

Architecture, futuristic

Leah Minsky (for Lorance)

Biology & Science and art

Minjin Batzorig (for Nicholas, Laurence)

Dark Utopian Surrealism Buck: symbolism, death Makeups, use body as canvas

  1. Monday off for labor day
  2. Wednesday we will meet at 8:30 instead of 8:00

TODO: look at images, find out the purpose of an artwork, contrasting and comparing them (in syllabus, critique that Wednesday) TODO: do failure artwork, things out of the place

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