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Colors for your Terminal.



Windows Demo ![rang-windows-demo](https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/11349690/19836886/8134975e-9ebe-11e6-9ee4-c4657784ff3b.gif)

Example usage

#include "rang.hpp"

using namespace std;
using namespace rang;

int main()
    cout << "Plain old text"
         << style::bold << "Rang styled text!!"
         << style::reset << endl;


rang only depends on C++ standard library, unistd.h system header on unix and windows.h & io.h system headers on windows based systems. In other words, you don't need any 3rd party dependencies.


rang is a single header-only library. Put rang.hpp in the include folder directly into the project source tree or somewhere reachable from your project.

Or, if you use the conan package manager, follow these steps:

  1. Add a reference to rang to the requires section of your project's conanfile.txt file:

  2. Run conan's install command:

        conan install

How to use

Rang uses iostream objects - cout/clog/cerr to apply attributes to output text. Since rang aims to support both windows and unix like systems, it takes care of the os specific details and tries to provide a uniform interface. Due to incompatiblities b/w different OS versions, not all kinds of attributes are supported on every system so rang will try to skip the ones which might produce garbage(instead of pushing random ANSI escape codes on your streams). Detection of tty is also handled internally so you don't need to check if application user might redirect output to a file.

Need support for non-ansi terminals? Check out Termdb which supports virtually all terminals and their capablities.

Apart from setting text attributes, you can also ask rang to override its default behaviour through these methods -

void rang::setControlMode(rang::control);

where rang::control takes - control::Auto - Automatically detects whether terminal supports color or not(Default) - control::Off - Turn off colors completely - control::Force - Force colors even if terminal doesn't supports them or output is redirected to non-terminal

void rang::setWinTermMode(rang::winTerm);

where rang::winTerm takes - winTerm::Auto - Checks for newer windows and picks Ansi otherwise falls back to Native(Default) - winTerm::Native - This method is supported in all versions of windows but supports less attributes - winTerm::Ansi - This method is supported in newer versions of windows and supports rich variety of attributes

Supported attributes with their compatiblity are listed below -

Text Styles:

Code Linux/Win/Others Old Win
rang::style::bold yes yes
rang::style::dim yes no
rang::style::italic yes no
rang::style::underline yes no
rang::style::blink no no
rang::style::rblink no no
rang::style::reversed yes yes
rang::style::conceal maybe yes
rang::style::crossed yes no

Text Color:

Code Linux/Win/Others Old Win
rang::fg::black yes yes
rang::fg::red yes yes
rang::fg::green yes yes
rang::fg::yellow yes yes
rang::fg::blue yes yes
rang::fg::magenta yes yes
rang::fg::cyan yes yes
rang::fg::gray yes yes

Background Color:

Code Linux/Win/Others Old Win
rang::bg::black yes yes
rang::bg::red yes yes
rang::bg::green yes yes
rang::bg::yellow yes yes
rang::bg::blue yes yes
rang::bg::magenta yes yes
rang::bg::cyan yes yes
rang::bg::gray yes yes

Bright Foreground Color:

Code Linux/Win/Others Old Win
rang::fgB::black yes yes
rang::fgB::red yes yes
rang::fgB::green yes yes
rang::fgB::yellow yes yes
rang::fgB::blue yes yes
rang::fgB::magenta yes yes
rang::fgB::cyan yes yes
rang::fgB::gray yes yes

Bright Background Color:

Code Linux/Win/Others Old Win
rang::bgB::black yes yes
rang::bgB::red yes yes
rang::bgB::green yes yes
rang::bgB::yellow yes yes
rang::bgB::blue yes yes
rang::bgB::magenta yes yes
rang::bgB::cyan yes yes
rang::bgB::gray yes yes

Reset Styles/Colors:

Code Linux/Win/Others Old Win
rang::style::reset yes yes
rang::fg::reset yes yes
rang::bg::reset yes yes

My terminal is not detected/gets garbage output!

Check your env variable TERM's value. Then open an issue here and make sure to mention TERM's value along with your terminal name.

Redirecting cout/cerr/clog rdbuf?

Rang doesn't interfere if you try to redirect cout/cerr/clog to somewhere else and leaves the decision to the library user. Make sure you've read this conversation and check out the example code here.

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