What is it?

2ch3 is a web3 social media owned by the people: Get access to sublayers of any website to post and read people's comments on blockchain!

Video Demo:


Plugin that allows you to annotate a webpage, with text stored on the blockchain

Similar to FB Graffiti by Joel Simon.

Paolo: this is perfectly aligned with the Libertarian ethos of Blockchain, good thing it’s opt-in. Interesting proof-of-concept of a non-commercial use of blockchain

Thomas: how will this scale?

Paolo: Why blockchain? As opposed to a database? (Because it’s decentralized)

Golan: What happens with racist remarks, slander?

On the front end to people who do not know what the blockchain is, how is this different from a normal text database?

It’s really interesting to add this meta layer to any website you go to where you can share annotations with any other extension user. I’m not completely clear on what saving it to the blockchain does for the concept - are you basically using blockchain instead of a database? So messages can’t be censored? Feels like it could go in scary directions :( I’m excited to see what happens when many users “graffiti” over an entire website. I’m probably not the kind of user you designed this for (I don’t have a crypto wallet), but it does make me realize that it’s not like graffiti in the sense that you need to buy-in to express anything.

I appreciate your attention to detail in terms of wrapping text at boundaries.

I think the idea is really cool. The idea of combating against social media is powerful, but like others are saying it needs some sort of content filtering. There’s lots of possibilities you can add to it, for example adding a actual doodle aspect to it to mimic graffiti more.

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