Instructor: Jongwoo Kim ([email protected], Ph.D, Office at CFA 413) call Dr.Kim GA: Anisha Baid ([email protected]) Google Drive: Here for readings Zoom: Here or Here Schedule: Here

Oxford Art Online: Here or Here

Students must attend Paper Workshop 1 and 2, and consult Barnet’s A Short Guide to Writing About Art. They are also encouraged to see tutors at the University’s Global Communication Center (see below for details).

Facilitate Group Discussion in Presentation:

Paper: Do not hang your perception of self-esteem in its words, phrases, and paraphgraphs, many of which may need to be deleted, edited, and revised.

Late papers: half letter grade penalty (no accept after 1 week)

Paper Format:

A = the work is above and beyond expectations, truly exceptional B = the work is about what I expected someone who had done all the work for the assignment in a thoughtful way might accomplish; a good job C = the work is the minimum to meet the requirements D = the work is seriously deficient in some way F = the work does not meet the requirements in any way


Group Discussion 10 % Zoom/Class Participation 10 % 1 Short Essay 10 % 2 Research Papers (30% and 40%) 70 %

The following conditions must be met for students to request a recommendation letter:

  1. The student must have taken at least two classes from the instructor and received an A in each.
  2. The student must have talked with the instructor in office hours about his or her readings and papers.
  3. The first letter must be requested within two years of matriculation so that the instructor feels he remembers enough about the student.
  4. The instructor must be convinced that the fellowship/scholarship, internship, graduate program, or non-academic employment in question is a good fit.
  5. Recommendation letters must be requested four weeks (first-time requesters) or three weeks (repeating requesters) prior to the deadline, and the student must provide complete and precise information regarding the application.
Group Name Id
1 Ashley Kim ashleyk2
1 Sooming Kong soominko
1 Andy Kim aykim2
1 Angela Ren aren2
2 Haikey Jeong hwayounj
2 Jihyun Chang jihyunc
2 Peggy Shen peggys
2 Ella Keegan ekeegan
3 Hanke Chen hankec
3 Janey Lee hwajinl
3 Justin Villakon jvillak
3 Sarah Cho sucho
4 Rui Chang ruichang
4 Jennifer Shin minyouns
4 James Ciriello jciriell
4 u.Tayao atayao
5 Ruifen Jin ruifenj
5 Heying Wang heyingw
5 Minjing Batzorig mbatzori

[email protected], Rui Chang, [email protected], Sarah Cho, [email protected], James Ciriello, Ruifen Jin, Ella Keegan, [email protected], Ashley Kim, Soomin Kong, Hwajin Lee, Anna Moustakerski, Sion Park, Angela Ren, [email protected], Min Young Shin, [email protected], [email protected]

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