Course Name: Philosophy of Social Science Offer Time: Spring 2021 Professor: Jack Parker (mailto:[email protected]), Sam Kang (mailto:[email protected]) Syllabus: Here Schedule: Here Zoom: Here Password "minerva" or Here Lecture Slide: Here

Assignments: Here My Google Doc: Here

Required Text: Philosophy of Social Science by Mark Risjord (2014), from Taylor and Francis

HACK: you don't have to open your camera, but encouraged HACK: there will be recorded session on Canvas

Learning Objectives

Learning Process

  1. raise issue, explain how people approach them
  2. debating strengths and weaknesses on approaches

Course Work

Reading Response (40%)

readings: read the reading guide before reading "[Homework]": written response, submit through Canvas before it is assigned for (feedback <2 weeks) Format: well written, claim+support, and text context (understandable for those who haven't read the text), usually 1/2 to 3/4 page long

Notes for Class Discussion (25%)

"[other]": class note prepared for class discussion, turn in after class (claim+support needed)

Participation (25%)

Class discussion (video or chat)

Final Exam (10%)

Final Exam: choose three of your previous assignment submissions and redo them (incorporate prior feedback)


Late Homework: HACK: 20% point deduction for every 6 hours late (except excused late) Absence: 2 unexcused, other excused, then 10% participation grade (totally 2.5%) deduction after each absence.

where the source is, need include author (page number if textbook), bibliography for general reference. Outside information needed.

Table of Content