Professor: Heidi(Haudi) Wright - corpus linguistics Zoom: Here Office hours: at Night, after class, weekends Library Resource: Here Regexp: Citation

Focus: ethical, data visualization, citation, data-driven

Weeks 1-2: Textbook Readings and various exercises Weeks 3-5: Corpus-Based Text Analysis Project (~1500 words- page counts will vary) Weeks 4-7: Literature Review and Research Proposal Project (4 pages double-spaced)

Homework: Here Graph: Here

Major Projects

Literature Review and Proposal: Synthesize 5-8 studies on an approved topic to articulate a "status quo” and "gap” and propose a research project that will fill this gap. Comparative Genre (register) Analysis (CGA): analyze two text, illustrate different communication styles and purposes.

Class Policy




Due: before class

Final Draft: 12-hour grace period


Allow 4 async days, but let professor know first more than 5 minutes late = 1 late 15 minutes late = 1 absence 3 lates = 1 absence

Writing Style

Using "prove": only in math Using pronounce: using "passive voice", using "it", "we" in ECE Using "significance": unless describing statistical significance Using "data": data are Using caption: for this class, caption should show what kind of info is in the graph, but not the story (different from the opinion from book). You should point out numerical number of graph in caption. Using paragraph: telling story, takeaway. Describing numerical info in words. Guess why this data occur, interpret data entails. Using title: you either need caption or title, not both (typically table have title, graph have caption)

Discussion/Result interpreting

I may, however, give you comments to keep you moving forward. d. Major assignments. Final Drafts of Major Assignments have a 12-hour free late (grace) period around them. Then the percentage off points begin: 13 hours late is -25%, 13 hours to 24 hours is -50% and after that I will not grade it.

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