Lecture 013

claim U.S. built concentration camp remove concentration camp took off directional sign to concentration camp rejection by people

Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung: working off the past

New Government's law: Germans outlawed capital punishment in 1949, knowing well the genocidal apparatus that its government once built to decide who should live or die. And the state has no legal means to enact the mass incarceration that has become a fact of American life. The German Constitution describes human dignity as inviolable; the nation’s laws so emphasize the right to privacy that living quarters in its prisons are almost exclusively designed for single occupants. Never mind the death penalty — Germans don’t even trust themselves with bunk beds.

What is the purpose of reperation:

- to claim down certain group of people

- to make the people who did crime feel good

- to prevent further social uprise

- to memorize not to do sin


Holocaust denial: 10 years after war 1960s: broadcast of Nazi crimes (international student protests) Cite reconstruction

1990: Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung

Memorial: good memorial Mahnmal: warning sign (bad memorial)


First reparations (called "restitution: to make things good again")

Bad at reparations

Dig Where You Stand

"National memory is not a fixed thing; it can shift. It can be warped. “Every community needs to figure out its own way of doing this."


Trail of high ranked: to claim the public down, "its not my business" Arrest: Ikmen (Nazi) in Jeruslem, asked to give testimony, first time heard from survivor. Started a new period of assessment 1960 college student rebell: remake the way people talk about the war

United States

Streets should not be named after slave owner, statute remove Reason: no international pressure

U.S. reform is as late as Civil Rights Act of 1964

U.S. textbook:


Thesis: roadmap, specific perspective Topic Sentence: reinforce idea Introductory:


things in comics:

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