Lecture 001

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Naming: reflect their assimilation and political struggles

New Jim Code: technology fix often hide, speed up, deepen discrimination

"Google's algorithms were optimizing for the racially discriminating patterns of past users who had clicked on these ads, learning the racist preferences of some users and feeding them back to everyone else"

Who to blame?


Technological determinism is a theory saying that human social activities are largely determined by the technology the society has. Therefore, there exists some corollary to the theory. Firstly, the technological development is a standalone process that can't be speed up nor slowed down. Secondly, the advancement of technology can eventually solve social issues.

Is technology develop independent to the development of society? My answer is: clearly no. You might think that development of natural science can hardly be impacted by the society because its development is greatly depending on the tools we use to conduct experiments. From our daily observation, the development of such tools take time and not everyone can be as great as Einstein. However, modern technologies are funded by culture, specifically economy and therefore human needs. Consider some observations: When people needed to win a war, air planes and tanks were invented. And as the excerpt argues: people who are designing the technology has the power to influence how a technology can affect the society. Therefore, technology is greatly influenced by the society. Or is it? Can we reduce the relationship between technology and society to be a simple, one directional, causal relationship? I doubt so.

The technology mentioned in the articles about artificial intelligence is mealy a statistical tool that still requires large datasets, unnesscaryly complex architecture, and fine-turning of hyperparameters. AI, as of today, is far from

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