Nest-libs: Pre-compiled libraries for 15-466

This repository's releases section contains pre-compiled library packages for our target systems: Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

Contents: - SDL2 - glm - libpng (static) - zlib (static, required for libpng) - libogg (static, required for opusfile) - libopus (static, required for opusfile) - opusfile (static) - libopusenc (static, required for opus-tools) - opus-tools -- just to have a reference build - freetype - harfbuzz


The course's base-code Jamfiles are set up to work properly if the nest-libs/ directory has the same parent as your clone of the 15-466-f*-base* directory:

15-466-stuff/ #or whatever you call it

Windows Notes

Libraries compiled with, and intended to be used with, Visual Studio Community 2019.

Windows releases also include ftjam (jam.exe) and a convenient script to launch a VS2019 command prompt with jam in the path and JAM_TOOLSET. See windows/jam. You may need to edit the shortcut and/or bat file to match your particular installation of Visual Studio.


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