Build Instructions

Build on all platforms using vcpkg

You can download and install assimp using the vcpkg dependency manager:

    git clone
    cd vcpkg
    ./vcpkg integrate install
    vcpkg install assimp

The assimp port in vcpkg is kept up to date by Microsoft team members and community contributors. If the version is out of date, please create an issue or pull request on the vcpkg repository.

Manual build instructions

Install CMake

Asset-Importer-Lib can be build for a lot of different platforms. We are using cmake to generate the build environment for these via cmake. So you have to make sure that you have a working cmake-installation on your system. You can download it at or for linux install it via

sudo apt-get install cmake

Get the source

Make sure you have a working git-installation. Open a command prompt and clone the Asset-Importer-Lib via:

git clone

Build instructions for Windows with Visual-Studio

First you have to install Visual-Studio on your windows-system. You can get the Community-Version for free here: To generate the build environment for your IDE open a command prompt, navigate to your repo and type:

cmake CMakeLists.txt

This will generate the project files for the visual studio. All dependencies used to build Asset-IMporter-Lib shall be part of the repo. If you want to use you own zlib.installation this is possible as well. Check the options for it.

Build instructions for Windows with UWP


Build instructions for Linux / Unix

Open a terminal and got to your repository. You can generate the makefiles and build the library via:

cmake CMakeLists.txt
make -j4

The option -j descripes the number of parallel processes for the build. In this case make will try to use 4 cores for the build.

If you want to use a IDE for linux you can try QTCreator for instance.

Build instructions for MinGW

Older versions of MinGW's compiler (e.g. 5.1.0) do not support the -mbig_obj flag required to compile some of assimp's files, especially for debug builds. Version 7.3.0 of g++-mingw-w64 & gcc-mingw-w64 appears to work.

Please see CMake Cross Compiling for general information on CMake Toolchains.

Some users have had success building assimp using MinGW on Linux using polly.

The following toolchain, which is not maintained by assimp, seems to work on Linux: linux-mingw-w64-gnuxx11.cmake

The following toolchain may or may not be helpful for building assimp using MinGW on Windows (untested): mingw-cxx17.cmake

Besides the toolchain, compilation should be the same as for Linux / Unix.

CMake build options

The cmake-build-environment provides options to configure the build. The following options can be used:

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