Recitation 001


// QUESTION: "so the layers that don't need a protocol field are transport & up." is this sentence correct?

// QUESTION: "There is only one data-link protocol" is this correct?

// QUESTION: do we consider the step where the host determines whether to use TCP vs UDP as part of the transport layer or the network layer?

Recitation 002



LSP: live sequence protocol (for udp)

// QUESTION: distinguish between server and client

// QUESTION: is that all in the slide for all checkpoint in P1? is the assignment fully established with all info, tests, specification avaliable? Only P1-PartA, and P1-Checkpoint released? What is PartB, any related?

Protocol Data

Protocol Behavior

// TODO: last slide

Transmission Establishment

Useful Tools:

Recitation 003

Proof of work: given M, and unsigned integer \max, find 0 \leq n \leq N such that hash(M, n) is minimum. Goal: build your own server cluster for mining pool.


Recitation 004

In this project you will implement Raft

Checkpoint: election, heartbeat

Final: log replication


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