Lead TAs: ...

Gradescope: Here Diderot: Here Labs: Here (a "0" or a "-" if your code compiled successfully, "-1000" otherwise) Grade: Here Schedule: Here Zoom: Here SML Help: Here OHQueue: Here

Attendance: Zoom or in-person, no recording (there is tracking of attendance in both recitation and lecture, lecture quiz may apply)


Assignments (Labs):

Recitation: you can change sections, but only for rare situation

Academic Integrity: no collaboration or outside sources. However, it is "permissible to discuss a homework assignment with other students, provided that the following whiteboard policy is respected." But "it is not acceptable to share your solutions or give hints to your friends for a lab after you have already discovered the correct idea."

Coding Style

To correct score of 0 for style:

  1. review the comments given on Diderot (which will detail why you failed style grading),
  2. rewrite your code for the lab (do not resubmit), making sure to address every comment, and
  3. show your new code to a TA (preferably at office hours) before the regrade deadline and explain your fixes.

WARNING: do not resubmit on diderot, it will be counted as late work

Some Recorded Lectures:

Other recorded sessions:

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