Lecture 003

Walker Evans and James Agee

Bearden: travel march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom


Andy Warhol Charles Moore (architect) William Majors

Collage: started Picasso's Cubist composition, newsletter and picture talk politics

Rauschenberg Whitten: turn to dog, policeman

Who's Afraid of the Black Fantastic

Black Arts Movement (BAM)

Playing with blackness

BAM's relation to popular culture

Mahogany (1975, the film)

Link: China's shoping center - American White Consumerism

Amiri Baraka: natural / un-nature mix

Badu, Iton: unclothed body. Red, black, green color.

(Cardboard) Surface vs. Skin

Mingering Mike: black green, red

Glenn Ligon's Play with Commercial Surface

Black light: white denial of the possibility of black light. (black light hard to imagine due to glare of white light)

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