Lecture 002

Podcast: Parasites

In the middle of the conversation, some voice cuts are inserted as a voice-over to the man talking, summarizing the event as a third-person. creating a clownish remark. Sometimes, sentences from different people are merged together to form a coherent sentence. The slits between each sentence are often cut too. Some special sound effects, and background noise, are inserted as a complement to the conversational topic, giving the audience room for imagination. Sometimes, a piece of background music can kick in, along with a series of rapid cuts, to form a montage, indicating a series of consecutive events. The music can end abruptly to highlight a word or a turning point.

Sound Unbound

Human talk to itself in the Universe (No aliens) Remix: creating something new by "talking to itself"

Search: Last and Found Sound Sep.11 2001. (sonicmemorial.org) Search: Netochka Nezvanova

NATO.0+55+3d: NATO.0+55+3d is an early software to manipulate video on classic Mac OS. It was released by the Netochka Nezvanova (NN, a pseudonym) collective in 1999. Nobody knows who NN actually it. It has been used as an icon face for a series of software with very odd names. Just to name a few: 0f0003 propaganda, b1257+12, @¶31:registered:�≠ Ÿ, m9ndfukc.0+99, k!berzveta.0+2, kinematek.0+2, nebula.m81, !=z2c!ja.0+38. Some of those are names of nebulas, others are string representations of bits. It doesn't seem like the oddity is due to naming convention or internet protocol. Rather, I suspect it was named so that they can be "anyone" with no actual identity (which is also a form of identity). Another music-creation software VOCALOID has its own virtual character 初音ミク, just like NN. However, the name "初音ミク" has been "abused" (used) as a pseudonym by many artists who use the software to create music. Instead of becoming "anyone", the name "初音ミク" gives birth to an actual virtual idol. (Parallel to NN "becoming the most fear women of the Internet", VOCALOID was banned for a short amount of time in Japan.)


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