Lecture 016

Item Number: SCP-CMU-920 Object Class: Euclid Description: SCP-CMU-920 is a humanoid machine. The humanoid machine exhibit no anomalous properties than a ordinary 16-year-old homo sapient except it always has a black modern computer attached to the main part of SCP-CMU-920. The attachment is not separable from the main part of SCP-CMU-920. If forced to do so, SCP-CMU-920 might emits loud sound at certain frequency and might cause physical damage to the wall of the containment. SCP-CMU-920 can exhibit other properties under special conditions, such as transforming any object into a cute version of the original.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CMU-920 is currently under special monitoring to perform a series of experiments. It is contained in Stever Dorm due the existence of virus SCP-730 that might cause containment failure of SCP-CMU-920. SCP-CMU-920 is regularly supplied with trash food from UG as well as unfinishable homework to suppress machine's abnormal and unregulated functionality.


Experiment 000

Experiment Number:SCP-CMU-920-000 Experimenter: Undocumented Experiment Time:20-03-03 20:39 Experiment Process: Experimenters try to detach the black modern computer from the main part of SCP-CMU-920

   < beginning of the log >
   Doctor Chen: "Hey, how are you doing?"
   SCP-CMU-920: "I am busy. My midterm is tomorrow and I still need to fix this fucking memory leak."
   Doctor Chen: "Okay. Can you give me your computer?"
   SCP-CMU-920: "What? Don't bother me."
   Doctor Chen: "Give me the computer! I order you! It's a part of the experiments."
   SCP-CMU-920: "N O. W A Y!"
   Doctor Chen: (robbed the black modern computer from SCP-CMU-920)
   SCP-CMU-920: (pushed Doctor Chen against the door and punched a hole on the wooden door)
   Doctor Chen: "Okay, okay. I will let go."
   SCP-CMU-920: "Don't ever try to break into my room without my permission."
   < end of the log >

Result: Detaching any parts from SCP-CMU-920 will cause it to generate vibration at certain frequency and potentially cause physical damage to the walls of the containment. The experiment was repeated 6 times after the first experiment. These phenomenons are prevalence especially when SCP-CMU-920 is given large dose of homework.

Experiments 008

Experiment Number:SCP-CMU-920-008 Experimenter: Undocumented Experiment Time:20-03-23 10:07 Experiment Process: Experimenters tries to test SCP-CMU-920 to validate its basic functionality.

   < beginning of the log >
   Doctor Cervesato: "Find all $x \in \mathbb{Z}$ satisfying the congruence equation $987x \equiv 412 (\text{mod} 1597)$."
   SCP-CMU-920: "Fine"
   < 20 minutes later>
   SCP-CMU-920: "$[591]_1597$"
   < end of the log >

Result: SCP-CMU-920 exhibit basic property as a modern computer.

Experiments 009

Experiment Number:SCP-CMU-920-009 Experimenter: Undocumented Experiment Time:20-03-23 10:30 Experiment Process: Experimenters tries to compute the 1000th prime number on SCP-CMU-920 to test it's computational power for potential replacement of modern supercomputer with SCP-CMU-920

   < beginning of the log >
   Doctor Cervesato: "Compute the 1000th prime number."
   SCP-CMU-920: "Nope. I am having too much homework to do."
   < end of the log >

Result: SCP-CMU-920 cannot function properly when given large dose of homework.

Experiment 013

Experiment Number:SCP-CMU-920-013 Experimenter: Undocumented Experiment Time:20-03-21 17:58 Experiment Process: Experimenters put a tiger in front of SCP-CMU-920.

   < beginning of the log >
   Doctor Cervesato: "SCP-CMU-920"
   (No Response)
   Doctor Cervesato: "Oh, turn on the power please."
   SCP-CMU-920: "Hey! Don't touch my computer!"
   Doctor Cervesato: "Okay, now it should turn on."
   SCP-CMU-920: "bing, boi, bong beng..."
   < "Welcome" was displayed on SCP-CMU-920 >
   Doctor Cervesato: "Hey, do you know the password?"
   SCP-CMU-920: "Why should I tell you the password of my computer. I at least know the basics of C@CM!"
   Doctor Chen: "Emmm, it's written on his... her.. its... their... whatever, you know: the face... Found it?"
   Doctor Cervesato: "Yah, I'm looking at it."
   Doctor Cervesato: "Found it. Why is it 12345678? Who the heck came up with this password?"
   Doctor Chen: "Not me."
   SCP-CMU-920: "I mean... there are 128 ASCII characters and therefore can have 128^8 different passwords. It might take a person's lifetime to crack the..."
   Doctor Chen: "Here is your leopard. Good luck! We will come back in one week. Oh, you should email Doctor Cervesato to reduce the dose of homework so that the machine can work properly."
   Doctor Cervesato: "Got it."
   < end of the log >

Result: After a week, SCP-CMU-920 turned a leopard into a cute big striped orange cat (SCP-CMU-920-1, alias SCP-247) lying on the body of SCP-CMU-920. SCP-CMU-920 displayed no abnormality. But the inspector discovered a bottle of brown liquid with foreign language (reads 急支糖浆) on it. SCP-CMU-920-1 was then put under close observation for 14 days. However, during the observation, SCP-CMU-920-1 killed one of the labmate in the SCP site. (See Incident SCP-CMU-920-101)


Incident Number:SCP-CMU-920-101 Incident Time:20-03-22 18:03 Reporter: Experimenter #38649 Report: SCP-CMU-920-1 is so cute that I can't resist touching it and hugging it. My labmate Experimenter #38648 wanted to hug it first. He opened the cage, SCP-CMU-920-1 sat on Experimenter #38648's leg and Experimenter #38649 started to pet SCP-CMU-920-1. Suddenly, SCP-CMU-920-1 jumped up and bit off Experimenter #38648's head.

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