Lecture 002

Irene Yang: she, South Korea, 2D Angela Ren: she, philosophy major, 2D, acrylic Artist Presentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ojzLAcBY2Jbn1nu_YmQQj3sQIENbcG2ikNLGrPasLe0/edit

Found Object

Urinate: Glass on the floor: Glasses (spectacles) placed on the floor in an art gallery at SFMONA as a prank by TJ Khayatan and his friend to see how people would react. Photograph: TJ Khayatan/Twitter Comedian: Mauizio Cattelan (banana $120,000 inflation) George Brecht: everyday object, first example of game art, arrangement Rachel Harrison: turning pedestal into art (immersing pedestal in material, creating indescribable art) Sadie Barnette: coding everyday objects into pink, secret FBI files Kevin Beasley: cotton jins sound installations. Mike, Sound experience Sarah Lucas: sexual humor Tracy Emin: Bed

physical, reflection, feeling,

"Disorientation": Brian Park

"Hatchling": Chansocphentra

- newspaper, hand, scissor, curtain

Well at Leat I...

Wing without the Chicken: Eujin Ra

Time Machine: Zoe

Memory: Jessica Smith

- three chicken

Smoking Man: Jamie McArthur

Chemists' Tea Mug:

  1. still life object (oil lamp is )
  2. I love breaking bad
  3. tea bag: chemist use powder
  4. background: smoke
  5. Takumi's right

Hanger: Nicholas Beak

Seed: Takumi

Timeline Dumpster: Zoe

TODO: 3D scan and drawing and reading artists

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