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Kevin Beasley

Here Name: Kevin Beasley Born: 1985, Lynchburg, Virginia Art:

Self-identify: Black Video: Here

Current Exhibition: Casey Kaplan gallery Education:



  1. "slabs" sculpture
    • He uses raw cotton from Virginia, historical documents, and his personal belongings to make this so-called "slabs". Inspired by walking alongside of a unharvested cotton field. Materials become ways of telling history of trans-Atlantic slave trade.
  2. Cotton Gin(see video)
    • He loves to use cotton as his material. One day he thinks he can make t-shirts for himself. So he searched on Ebay and the first ad that comes out is this Cotton Gin motor for sell. Cotton Gin is used to separate seeds from cotton, therefore increased the number of slaves by the area of plantation needed.
    • When he ask the seller what a Gotton Gin motor actually sound like, the seller couldn't describe. He puts the motor into a sound-isolating chamber and use micks to adjust the sound. The artist wants the audience to listen to the history, what the slavery and the legacy of America South sounded like.
  3. Untitled (Sea)
    • It demonstrates Kevin Beasley's choice of material as well. He used pieces of found garment picked up from the Harlem street and harden them with resin. This artwork reminds people of the persistence of their abandoned clothes.
  4. Performance: I Want My Spot Back
    • Beasley connects sound production and the movement of the physical body through his performances

Thomas Hirschhorn

Name: Thomas Hirschhorn Identity: Swiss artist in Paris Education: Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich



City Housing Project:

Ruins Making:

Map Making

Pixel Collage:


Giant unrealistic scupture

Tiona Nekkia McClodden

Conceptual fillmaker, curator Race, gender, shared ideas, African dispersal work

Thomas Hirschorn


So... I don't follow tradition without prove that the tradition would be beneficial. Like how college don't teach you why grades are important before letting you to get your grade. I

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