Lecture 011

The project is a complex system: meaning that each component will affect the project in different ways, as well as affect other components. For example: To shot a specific scene, one must not only worry about how the ship looks. The planner must also consider the water level, shipload, and the location of ship engines. <- It’s the combination of technical and non-technical skills that make a project successful. (Who will think he should worry about prostitutes and tribal conflicts in his actor groups) The documentary is a stronger piece than the film: the storyline of the original film is boring. After looking at the comments of the original film, I sense that somehow there is more value in the documentary than the original film. In this sense, the original film is only a “documentary” of the documentary, if I would think that the documentary is the major piece. If the film maker’s original intention is to make a documentary of the film, will this still be valuable? Planned and unplanned: If failure can’t be intentional, then there should not be a plan. Therefore it will be impossible to money for the failure. Overconfidence: He is taking too much unnecessary risk. From my point of view, instead of pushing the ship up to the mountain, his film can still be stronger by changing the plot. There should be a way to both reduce the cost and to make a good film. Many interesting films don’t require extensive costs. Therefore, it must be that he is not interested in making a good film, rather, enjoying the process of suffering through a film.

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Documentary vs. Film

The "Background Story"

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A fundamental question:


Learn from math: whenever you want to make an argument, go look at the definition.

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What he is making is beyond documentary Is it a film?

Can the film be a documentary

Making Documentary vs. Making Film

Made-up Definition: Good-film

Purpose of making film:

Purpose of making documentary

Why don't you just make the documentary without film?

  1. then its not anymore a documentary by definition
  2. he doesn't know the documentary might come out to be good

He is not making a film because... for film, its not worth the labor

What he is really doing: Navigation through Failure


Visual Symbolism and Parallel

Culture Appropriation

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