Final Portfolio (HankeChen_TRS_F20_FINAL)


Title: EzApp Artist: Hanke Chen Media: Electronic - Programming languages Duration: N/A Dimensions: vary based on device (4 images: These images shows various stages while using the app.) Video:

This is a college admission APP designed to "reduce the workload" for admission officers.

Advanced Emailogy: Instruction on How To Send an Email to Your Professor Asking for Homework Extensions

Title: Advanced Emailogy: Instruction on How To Send an Email to Your Professor Asking for Homework Extensions Artist: Hanke Chen Media: Literature - Electronic Book Duration: N/A Dimensions: vary based on device (3 images: The first image is the cover of the textbook. The other images are selection of the pages from the textbook.) PDF:

This textbook designed for course 98-233 Advanced Emailogy provides a basic introduction on how to send an email to professors asking for homework extensions.

Found in 2042

Title: Found in 2042 Artist: Hanke Chen Media: Sound Duration: 3 minutes 42 seconds Dimensions: N/A (1 image) Audio:

This is a cassette tape found in 2042. You may want to find out what happened between 2020 and 2042.

How to Game During Class

Title: How to Game During Class Artist: Hanke Chen Media: Film - Video Duration: 3 minutes 40 seconds Dimensions: 720 px * 480 px (1 image) Video: see google drive

This is a video tutorial on how to game during class. WARNING: the following video contains materials that may be harmful or traumatizing to some audience.


Title: SCP-CMU-919 Artist: Hanke Chen Media: Literature, Sculpture - Assembled media - Found objects Duration: N/A Dimensions: 20 cm * 20 cm * 10 cm (2 images: The first image is the physical object SCP-CMU-919. The second image is the classified documentation about SCP-CMU-919.) PDF:

A secret classified documentation of an object named SCP-CMU-919 that seem to generate infinite power as well as the object itself.

The Great Leap Forward

Title: The Great Leap Forward Artist: Hanke Chen Media: Painting - Mural techniques - Digital painting Duration: N/A Dimensions: 4960 px * 4960 px (1 image)

We put our heart in economy to race against China. No virus is going to stop us from working. No rumor is going to frighten us. We shall drain our blood, leap forward bravely, to make America great again!

This painting that portraits a former U.S. president in a way that aligns with his slogan "Make America Great Again" resembles a certain political propaganda in 1958 to 1960.

Simpsons Annihilation

Title: Simpsons Annihilation Artist: Hanke Chen Media: Electronic - Computer-generated imagery Duration: N/A Dimensions: 1280 px * 1280 px (4 images: The first image is the actual artwork. The second shows more than 500 images that are generated by this algorithm. Other images shows the creation process. In particular, the third image shows the computer graphic failure by underfitting the dataset. The fourth image shows how the algorithm gradually becomes good at generating Simpsons.)

This computer graphic failure on images of Simpson Family is generated by DCGAN algorithm (a form of Artificial Intelligence). Credit: the artwork uses the Simpson Face ( public dataset and DCGAN algorithm published by this paper I have used a portion of code from the original paper ( The pixels are generated completely by myself and my code.

RTMMFYSTYCDGTS: Robot that Moves Mouse For You so that Your Computer Doesnt go to Sleep

Title: RTMMFYSTYCDGTS: Robot that Moves Mouse For You so that Your Computer Doesnt go to Sleep Artist: Hanke Chen Media: Technical products Duration: N/A Dimensions: 10 cm * 5 cm * 5 cm (4 images: The first image is the actual artwork. The second image shows the wiring design for the robot. Other images are clips from the short commercial that intends to sell the robot.) Video:

Tired of your computer goes to sleep while you are still downloading your favorite film? Getting annoyed by your mouse not moving while you are out for work? Here at Carnegie Mellon University, researchers developed state-of-the-art technology to help you solve this problem with this tiny robot. Introducing robot-that-moves-mouse-for-you-so-that-your-computer-doesn't-go-to-sleep. All you need to do is to plug in our special power cable that you are unlikely to find it anywhere else in the market, connect the robot to your home WiFi in the condition when there is no interface provided, and somehow figure out the IP address of this machine, then log in through SSH Tunnel and run the program we shipped to you. Boom! There is your robot-that-moves-mouse-for-you-so-that-your-computer-doesn't-go-to-sleep. Whenever you want it to stop, you don't need to press a button... because the only way to stop it is to let it run out of battery... except Haha, there is no battery... Yeah, I know, so you can't stop it. But anyway, with its heat generated to about 80 Celsius within a minute, not only does it provide enough warmth for the coming winter, but it can also burn down the CPUs in about just a second. There is no wire-management designed for this robot so whenever it breaks, it breaks, so that you can have an excuse to buy another one for 80 bucks. Because this product comes with absolutely no warranty, we can almost guarantee it will not break in the first 30 seconds you use it, that is: if you are lucky. But what if it does break after 30 seconds? No worries! Here at CMU, we care about environmental protection. This product is 100% cardboard-based so that you can throw it away without hesitation if you get too annoyed by it. This newer generation is also made of glues that not just stick with your fingers, but also your mouse so that it defeats the purpose of moving the mouse.

This is a robot that moves mouse for you so that your computer doesn't go to sleep.

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