Lecture 002

Instructor: Stephanie


How to college

Resonance: about the in depth cultural effect of the art and its significance beyond its formal boundaries in relation to the history of the object’s path of creation to viewing. Wonder: is made up of: attraction, magnitude, and “wow” factor. Perception: (event is separated its meaning) Understanding an object, event, action, etc. from a specific point of view or perspective Media: a type of vessel that is used to represent ideas and events from perspective that may be subjective. Exhibition: a display that is intended to evoke wonder.

:warning: tomorrow drop in hour TODO 3am office hour

Look at words in OED (click show more in etymology)

Kanopy: film, drama, music ArtSTOR: art stuff

TODO: define a collection a wonder??? organizing principle, what con.... really short display, make short video upload to Flipgrid (due by this Friday class) TODO: reading 2 pdf, dense (due by next Friday)

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