Lecture 001

:book: Proposition: statement proven or dis-proven (a declaration sentence in which it is possible to assign a truth value)

Various Terminology For True Propositions

:book: Theorem(定理): a major result :book: Corollary(推论): a result which is an immediate consequence of theorem (typically no need to do additional work from Theorem). :book: Lemma(引理): small result, intended to be used in the proof of a theorem, help proof of theorem. :book: Proposition(主张): catch-on term, small truth. (small result less important than theorem.) :book: Conjecture(推测): a proposition that have not been proven but we think it is true.


:book: proof: a proof is a logically valid argument demonstrating the truth of the proposition.

Criteria of Proofs

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:question: difference between unknown / non-proposition?

:question: What about a proof that demonstrates a particular statement is unprovable? Would that be classified as a “meta proof”?

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