Hanke Chen

Deep Learning Researcher | Artist | Ugrad @ CMU SCS, CFA_

I am , an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University persuing Computer Science and Art. Currently, I am doing research related to Neural Radiance Field in WiSELab advised by Prof. Anthony Rowe and Tianshu Huang. At the same time, I am working on a startup, developing DeepVocab: a vocabulary memorization app aided by Deep Learning.

Previously, in 2014, I founded KokiCraft: a commercial video game played by 300,000+ players. In 2018, I got into Deep Learning and created RedstoneTorch: a large computer vision toolkit for competitive programing and got 1st place in Kaggle's Histopathologic Cancer Detection I wrote my first research . In 2020, I started DeepVocab. From 2021, I joined GCS and published many games: Winter, Empyrean, and CryptoEggs. In 2022, I deployed an experimental social media app 2ch3 on Gnosis blockchain and designed and manufactured a Printed Circuit Board KokiPad that became my personal keyboard. I got into quantum computing theory and wrote a quantum computer simulator.

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Artists sell ideas. The best artists are researchers. My interest is in building democratizable human-like AI regardless of the methods. Things in my mind: (1) use ML to build fault-tolerance quantum accelerator for simulated annealing; (2) massive 4D simulation dataset generated by monocular videos with NeRF; (3) large on-chain swarm learning with zkSNARKs proofs. Each generates numerous unsolved problems.

Extracting Cellular Location of Human Proteins Using Deep Learning

Hanke Chen*

arXiv 2018 @ SSFS


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Neural Radiance Field (@ WiSE Lab, Aug.8 2022)


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Anime Paper Collection

Anime Paper Collection is a academic paper collection that references Japanese anime, manga, music, games, and more (ACG+). We as tech otaku, are all about sharing what we love without feeling shy. Join us and add your paper to the mix, and let's enjoy our passions together! Contact me to add yours!

FateZero: Fusing Attentions for Zero-shot Text-based Video Editing

Chenyang Qi, Xiaodong Cun, Yong Zhang, Chenyang Lei, Xintao Wang, Ying Shan, and Qifeng Chen

arXiv 2023

Featuring: Fate/Zero


Paper | Project Page | Code

Generating Manga from Illustrations via Mimicking Manga Workflow

Lvmin Zhang, Xinrui Wang, Qingnan Fan, Yi Ji, and Chunping Liu

CVPR 2021

Featuring: 炭治郎 (鬼滅の刃), 初音ミク (VOCALOID), レム (Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活), 御坂美琴 (とある魔術の禁書目録)


Paper | Project Page

Style Transfer for Anime Sketches with Enhanced Residual U-net and Auxiliary Classifier GAN

Lvmin Zhang, Yi Ji, and Xin Lin

ACPR 2017

Featuring: 初音ミク (VOCALOID), レム (Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活)